Top foods to buy before a pandemic lockdown


Prioritize on the food and medical supplies for every person or pet that’ll be with you. Photo by PublicDomainArchive–262011

So the President just announced that we’ll all have to stay indoors now. That anxiety pang immediately starts gnawing on your brain. First off! Breathe! We’ll get through this. Here are a few items that you should probably stack up on that will help you get by. 21 days (hopefully) is a long time so you’ll need to decide on portions depending on whom you’re socially distancing with and their appetites. You’re free to add more that go with your pocket and preferences, of course. This is the list for frugal foodies.

The bedrock of your emergency food kit should have

  • Beans
  • Grains
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Mealie meal
  • Oats

This will settle for a healthy and filling diet, which will no doubt need to be coupled with regular or daily exercise. I recommend it in the morning and just before bed.

Liquid canned food is also essential and will complement your dry food. This includes :

  • Tinned fish (if you can)
  • Tomatoes

Frozen foods will help you spread your food rations for longer so the fridge is your buddy. Food that can go here would be your meats, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Your comfort foods such as that chocolate bar, snacks and whatever else you like to munch on should make it to your list. This will help you to actually like your social distancing space and it works wonders for your mental health.

All these are items you can get today and maybe tomorrow but only if it’s safe in your area. Add potatoes, sweet potatoes, chunks plus some eggs if you must. If you’re short on cash then get your dry food and fruits plus one or two comfort foods. Some movies will come in handy if you won’t be working plus books too. Eat well to stay well.

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