Restaurants in Harare that do home deliveries

Most of us have started to lose track of what day of the week it is and that can only mean one thing: We’ve been inside too long! If you’re like me, you probably miss getting your caramelized pastries and greasy fries. I’m especially fond of my chicken and just the faint memory of receiving a receipt then awaiting my order is enough to get me slobbering. Yeah, cooking from home is great and I’ve learned a couple of new tricks I can’t wait to share with you. What I will share today, however, is a list of restaurants that do offer home deliveries. The Prez did say this was okay so I’ll just pass this to you slowly for your consideration *wink wink*

Disclaimer: None of these are properly verified but in normal circumstances, they do home deliveries anyway. It’ll be a swell idea to find out where they stand now. Do let us know too so we can highlight them properly for our fellow foodies. 

St Elmo’s Restaurant

If you’re lusting for freshly baked wood-fired pizza, Italian pasta dishes, a selection of seafood and steak grills then call these guys right away. They also have a menu and prices on their website which makes its all so darn convenient. If you order on special days you’ll get a special surprise so keep your eyes peeled!


Sorella’s Pizzeria and Cafe

From their coffee to their PIZZA and brownies and and and!!! Sorella’s takes all the money because they literally make you fall in love with their food and themselves. Their website at gives you a menu peek but we’re still not sure if they are doing deliveries. You can find out 😉


Chop Chop

Sigh* It’s hard not to miss their Brazilian dishes. Compared to other restaurants, Chop Chop has easily(and quickly) stolen our hearts with their chicken schnitzel but we’re still not sure if they’ll bring the delish to our homes. Their website at gives you a thirsty glimpse into their menu so we could keep our fingers crossed. Unfortunately, you won’t find the prices of the food.  Good time to ask about home deliveries.


If you aren’t already, do follow the Facebook Pages of your favorite restaurants. Chop Chop, for example, is currently posting recipes of some of their menu selections. You can perhaps make some of your favorite grub right in your kitchen. Speaking of, let’s meet In the next blog post where I’ll share some interesting recipes I came across. Don’t forget to update the other foodies on which restaurants are offering home deliveries. These can be on/off the list above. Meet you in the kitchen Foodies!

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