For the Zimbabwean Foodie in Coronavirus times

Now what? With the deadly virus running around it’ll continuously get difficult to go get those yummy skinned greasy fries or grab a big sloppy juicy burger. Sharing plates for more variety on your menu simply doesn’t seem like the best idea right now too. So what happens now? Most importantly, what diet is the best for a foodie who only wants titillating grub on their platter?

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Due to the closing-in reality of a ban on social gatherings and other unessential barbecues, it’s important to know how to get all your favorite foods and which ones to steer from for now. For starters, stay home and order in! That means no girls night outs, concerts or playdates. Food deliveries are becoming more and more prominent in Harare with more restaurants offering the service. The best option would be to check if your favorite food outlet can bring your grub to your doorstep.

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This food truck was captured by Artem Saranin

This might also come as an encouragement to try out recipes with us whilst you cook at home! Everyone wants to know what introverts do all of a sudden!  The situation isn’t as dire yet but it’s important to take care of yourself and those closest to you. So which foods should you buy more of?

To feed your gut flora, Cruickshank recommends “eating a more varied diet with lots of high-fibre foods”. Being vegetarian isn’t a prerequisite for microbiome health, but the more plant foods you consume, the better. “The microbiome really likes fibre, pulses and fermented foods,” she adds.

Yogurts will also come in handy right now along with a bit of exercise since your movement is generally limited anyway. Do lower your alcohol intake at this time for the sake of your immune cells which are not as active when you drink heavily. As you grab a snicker bar reach for fruits too which will always be good to you and now is one of those times.

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“In terms of coronavirus,” says Cruickshank, “it’s mostly spread by droplet transmission, as far as we can tell, so the biggest thing is hygiene.” So wash your hands, and sneeze and cough into tissues, she suggests, between sniffles. No one can completely avoid getting sick, not even top immunologists.

We’ve borrowed some information so that you have a balanced view of what the situation really is. The fantastic news is you can still eat all your favorite snacks and junk-food. The catch is you really shouldn’t make an event of it. Do it at home or take food home. In the meantime, we’ll gather up a bunch of ideas of stuff you can mix up and enjoy in your jammies! Stay safe and happy feasting!

Canva - Little Boy Drinking Milk

This cute baby was captured by tung256–4583107

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