Want some sugar this weekend?

*Sigh* It’s the weekend and the sweet tooth is immediately over-active! Did you know that there are places that serve a mean dessert in Harare? If you love taking pictures of your food too, you’ll certainly love how they put everything perfectly together. Get ready for an Instagram-able weekend with these places on our list. We loved them and couldn’t help but share their images and information.


Classic Desserts

This sweet affair is irresistible and the only answer is “Yes” and “Some more, please”. Located in Churchill Avenue in Harare, you’ll definitely love their variety and aesthetics. From ice-cream, baked cheesecake to waffles and muffins, is there anything that Classic Desserts does not offer?

Milktart Classic dessertcrunchie milkshake classic desserts

In case you’re banting they also have gluten-free and sugar-free options that keep you in the mix of things. It’s sitting set up is best for groups but there are also seats for those enjoying an afternoon or meal alone.

Here is an image of sugar-free and gluten-free food. You’re welcome!

for banters

Treat Gourmet Rolled Ice Cream

Located at Food Lovers, Avondale Shopping Centre, 17 King George Rd, Harare, this ice-cream place is like something out of a dream for treat lovers. sprinkles treat and counicorn icecream

You’ll find rolled ice-cream, unicorn ice-cream and everything else you can imagine can be done to ice-cream. If you ask them nicely, they can even personalize your order. This means that they can write your name on it as you wait and watch the artistry.

treat co

Cakes All Round

Located at 21 Northweald road in Bluff Hill this cute place is your cake plug. Whether you want to order for birthdays or want to try out a couple of cake slices at their place is up to you. They also serve coffee and frappuccinos which is absolute heaven.

cakecakes all round

If you’re more of a brownie or cupcake person then you’ll like their options. They are deliciously old-fashioned so much that the taste sends you on a mental trip.



We hope you liked our recommendations for this weekend. These will be much more enjoyable with a friend and it’d be safe to budget around $15-$20USD for each place to get the most out of it. If you’re going with the kids, they’ll love all of the places and they are family-friendly. Treat Ice Creams is open till 8pm so after dinner you can gather a bunch of friends and have a chilled night.  Enjoy!


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