Cabana Review

What caught my attention about Cabana was the weekend-like ambiance with sumptuous food and good ol’ nicotine!

You’ll enjoy this joint if you consider yourself a young adult and if you have an idea of what’s hot on the charts right now.

The Cabana experience is peaceful and hip in a suburban area slightly out of the CBD of Harare. This chill-out space was cleverly placed in a residential yard that is likely the home of one of the Cabana owners. Whether this is intentional or not, it creates a ‘homely’ ambiance, making you feel like you’re casually hanging out at home during the weekend.

They have two sitting areas up for selection depending on the weather and personal preferences. You’re in for a terrible session of eavesdropping on strangers’ conversations if you visit alone. (Unless you’re into that sort of thing, of course.) You’d be better off bringing a couple of friends along if you’re planning to dine at Cabana. There’s safe parking spaces to ensure that you don’t worry about getting robbed whilst trying to enjoy your meal. Plus it’s a relatively safe neighborhood right along the highway.

The first sitting area is out in the open underneath tree shade whilst the other is under a gazebo. Choose the open sitting area if you like to let your mind wander whilst you smoke. You’ll appreciate the gazebo sitting space if you don’t like standing out in crowds. I chose it because when I visited the weather was chilly and the gazebo is next to the toasty warmth from the kitchen.

In as much as this is all starting to sound rather romantic, I would NOT recommend Cabana as a first date location. There are no intimate sitting areas where you can have a completely private conversation.

You’ll create better memories if you make this an only girls day out, a catching-up sesh with the boys or even a small birthday affair.

I appreciated that the music wasn’t too high so you won’t have to yell out bits of conversation. It’s pretty relaxing and doesn’t get too busy if you visit earlier on in the afternoon as compared to the wee hours of the evening.

As a result, diners easily stretch hours chatting away with their friends whilst they share a hookah and some beers. The fantastic thing is you can bring your own alcohol whilst you figure out what to pick from their ‘looky’ menu. (You might want to confirm this, however. I could’ve been lucky😅)

You’ll find pub-type food at Cabana, which they make themselves. My friends and I ordered the platter so that we could taste more items off the menu. Our refreshments were outside beer for them and Amarula for me (because I can’t drink beer.)

I immediately fell in love with their fries which have a crunch on the outside then turn a firm soft in the middle. This is my definitive form of a well-done fry : Make the crunch hold it together but don’t make the whole of it crispy. The fries are also thin so you won’t look like you’re stuffing your face!

Then the wings, oh my! I love that the meat falls off the bone when you sink your teeth into it. The BBQ sauce they use is a perfect complement to the tenderness of the chicken. The platter has servings that can feed 4 or 2 depending on your appetites. It consists of a patty cut in two and a chapatti bread sandwich that has double bacon, lettuce, cheese and that yummy BBQ sauce. You’ll also get a chicken wrap with your platter. My friends and I had to literally tear this one up with our bare fingers to share. (Pick a friend you all mutually trust to do this!)

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