Slushie’s Restaurant (Not A Recommend)

Slushie’s Restaurant is located on the first floor in Joina City Mall, Harare. The 1st floor has all the usual businesses on one side of the floor then various restaurants on the right side.

Slushie’s Restaurant sitting area

I’ll admit their new marketing strategy works well. Theirs is the first restaurant you’ll encounter which gives them a bit of an advantage. Plus they had carefully planted a couple of their employees to quickly kidnap you into opting for their joint before giving a second glance at any of the other options.

The red-themed restaurant is a bit of a looker. It has playful art on the walls that gives it a modern look. The staff is kind and helpful. The lady at the counter helped us fix money change issues, which was much appreciated. Customer care overall was good.

Counter and menu

A bit on the pricier side (for the type of food we received), my friend and I opted for the Chicky Makka with fries. On the menu, they show options you can pick on how your chicken can be done. (Mellow, Zingy or Fiery) The lady didn’t ask us and to be honest, we didn’t bother asking. Chicky Makka sounded great. It was a Saturday when we visited so they had a live music session going on. Fantastic initiative but not when you’re trying to have an intimate conversation. Perhaps going as a group would be ideal. Because you’ll have to compete with the musician to be properly heard.

After paying for your order, you can quickly select a seat and they’ll bring your order. It’s a cosy restaurant so you won’t get much of a seating choice but you can get ones for a small group or just a couple. Booking prior will not be necessary. They do events and catering, in case this is something you might like.

Image taken from their Facebook page

It’s perfect for when you want to casually hang out but not when you want to impress your date.

Your favorite food blogger😗

Our order was a disappointment. There wasn’t anything fancy about the meal. Which is fine if you don’t already know how to make fries and chicken at home. The fries were bland and boring. The chicken was properly marinated and well-cooked but it ends there. Not memorable. The plates (not platter) looked like they just came out of someone’s kitchen and the cutlery is steel. Not that that’s a problem. The table was a wee-bit dirty but nothing alarming.

The chicken was also slightly burnt. 😐

As with most restaurants in Joina City Mall, they don’t have an internal ablution so you’ll have to use the public one in the mall.

Overall, Slushie’s Restaurant is in a superb location. The place is set up well, and it makes for gorgeous photographs. The staff will treat you well but the food just isn’t memorable. If you’re planning a visit, I’ve heard good things about their burger. They also have superb reviews on their Facebook, which is why we visited.

Part of their menu

They have an expansive menu and you’ll likely find a selection that’ll give you a much better experience. It’s a fairly new restaurant so that could be the reason. I will not be checking in anytime soon, however. Yummier alternatives include Chicken Inn, Chicken Slice and Nandos.

If you know any other ‘chicken and fries’ restaurants that are an absolute recommend please mention them in the comment section below. I’d love to write about them.

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