10 Weight loss Tips for the Zimbabwean Summer

Sooo… we’ve been inside (and still are for the most part) since April due to the pandemic but things are starting to ease up a bit. I’ve definitely been going about with my foodie habits and the kilos have beautifully piled on. Now with the country starting to open up, we can finally scout for the best restaurants, and we need to be our fittest plus happiest. Here are a couple of small tips to get you started 😉

1. Do not over-use condiments! Ketchup is pure sugar. Soy sauce is liquid salt!

2. Drink your tea everyday! Studies show tea consumers weigh significantly less than non-tea consumers. ☕️

3. Drink water, no really drink water! Relieves fatigue, improves mood, flushes out toxins!! Brilliant!

4. Don’t ever have junk food in your house! No excuses, nothing processed. If you don’t have it you can’t eat it. 🍔

5. Dance! Put in those earbuds, turn out the lights, let your inhibitions go! 

6. Set an eating cut off time! At least two hours before bed nothing in the mouth, nothing! 

7. No alcohol, this is a tough one, but if you want success you will commit! 

8. No soft drinks! You want to lose
weight and you’re still drinking fizzy drinks??? 

9. Increase your activity! Whatever you’re doing now add 10 more minutes! ‍♀️

10. Lastly, if there’s a certain food you just can’t do without, still indulge… Just eat half of it, it’s not the end of the world. 

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