The 9 sauces that make everything better

Do you know that ‘pow!’ flavor in a juicy and meaty burger?

The one that makes you close your eyes as you roll the taste equally across your tongue?

Or that familiar tang in your veggie salad that soothes your heart.

Don’t forget that liveliness created by your dishes that command a “yum” from your audience.

Sauces have always been quite the hero.

They (almost) singlehandedly heighten the flavor in food. Think about it, you can use sauces before you eat food as marinades in your meats and veggies. I like to play around with the final punch by experimenting with various sauces then still add just a dash more whilst gobbling it all up.

At this point, it’s clear we’re hooked on sauces. Let’s get you all the deets so we’re on the same page. Yes, literally.

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After reading a god-awesome blog post such as this one, we’re usually tempted to try out the product being recommended.

With supermarkets being the playing ground of brands, we thought we’d make it easier to pick a sauce when a dozen others stare back at you from the shelves.

You’ll find that most of the really good sauces are imported and don’t we just love that sort of thing as Zimbabweans? A foreign sauce, a foreign flavor, amirite? In most instances, yes. But not since Mr. Sauce was launched.

It comes in 9 healthy flavors that you’ll be interested to know are 100% locally-produced. To really make you get an experience of Mr. Sauce we took the liberty to scan all their flavors so that you know specifically which one to try next.

Disclaimer: Try not to break the bank


Worcester Sauce

This sauce was the first one we tried and it held that same tangy, salty, and slightly sweet taste we appreciate it for. Excellent when brushed onto meat, fish, or poultry as it is grilled, fried, or baked. Never leave it out of your stir-fry mix.

Green Photo Cocktail Menu


Tomato Sauce

It wouldn’t be a full collection without the most popular sauce. Spread it all over your favorite pasta, beans, or set it in your breakfast eggs for that zest and healthful taste.


tomato sauce sauce


Tomato Ketchup Sauce

Only the best sauce manufacturers know how to differentiate the ketchup and tomato sauce taste. Mr. Sauce cleverly reserves the traditional ketchup taste and consistent thickness that we adore on greasy fries.

tomato ketchup sauce


Mustard Sauce

Mustard is one of those condiments that just seems to improve everything it touches. With a magical combination of acid, salt, and spice all in one cheery yellow spoonful, it’s an absolute go-to for brightening and perking up the flavors in a dozen savory dishes. Mr. Sauce dishes out their mustard sauce with the American traditional taste that so many love!

mustard sauce


Soy Sauce

The sauce is so versatile you can pour it over rice, or use it with any other meat or fish you can think of cooking. Even eggs and vegetables can be jazzed up with copious amounts of sauce poured on top.

soy sauce


BBQ Sauce


Mr. Sauce’s BBQ sauce is vegetarian-friendly and perfect for spicing up your favorite salad.  Swirl on top of cornbread muffins—because why should cupcakes have all the fun? Or go rogue on that grill!

soy sauce (1)


Stick BBQ basting

Reach for it when you want a guaranteed hit – and it’s made with pantry staples! The smell, when this particular sauce hits hot steak, is outrageous. Outrageous!

sticky bbq basting sauce


Beefy Burger Sauce

Feel free to mix up this sauce with mustard and ketchup for a magical sensation on your burger. Hell, use it as a dip or fry it up with steak. The possibilities are endless.

sticky bbq basting sauce (1)


Sweet Chilli Sauce

A personal favorite, this one has quickly become a staple in all my dishes. Easy sprucing up a boring meal, I guilt-free add it as I mumble that “everyone deserves good-tasting food”. The balance between the chili and sweetness is set just right by Mr. Sauce.

Green Photo Cocktail Menu (1)

I don’t know about you but that lengthy list gave me cravings.

And if 375ml isn’t enough an amount for you then indulge in their 750ml, 1 Litre, 2 Litre, and 5 Litre sauces. Mr. Sauce is one of many products under Efoods

Everyone here is a hero and Efoods celebrates their customers beautifully. Who doesn’t like a business that treats you like royalty, right?

So why should you opt for Mr. Sauce? Coz it’s that good and moving along this existence without trying them once would be a sad waste. They support local producers so it feels great to purchase their products and know you’re doing the same.


All sauces are made with care, locally and no funny (or potentially toxic) additives are included.

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Efoods is It is also a popular company that supplies larger restaurants such as Nandos with sauces and sachets that we’ll talk about soon.

IMG_8632 copy

Mr. Sauce is doing pretty well and has branches in Zambia too now. BIG TIP: Mr. Sauce hangs out at some public events and their sauces are usually at a giveaway price. Grab it!

Colcom food fest 1 (1)

They also keep an eye on the price that retailers sell their products because the aim is to keep them as affordable as possible.  Of course, this is a highly appreciated gesture in the foodie community, especially now when we have to cook most of our grub ourselves.

So if you’re wondering what next to add in your grocery basket, “Add Some!”

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