That long-awaited Chicken Inn Review

Let’s be real. I love my chicken. I love my chicken roasted, grilled, boiled, marinated, left out tender, crunchy, spicy, sweet, rolled up in bread, pie, samoosa…mmm I just love my chicken! Obviously, Chicken Inn becomes one of my favorite places to eat. It’s cost-efficient, colorful and there’s always a corner seat where I can deal with my meal unwatched. Spread out all over the nation, you can grab a crispy thigh on the go or fill up with fries that go so well with the mushroom salad. Yes, I use the salads as dippings. The only options I’ve found on salads are coleslaw, mushroom and the sweet chili sauce (but you’ll only get your fingers on this one after buying the chicken wrap or even strips, I hear.)

 If you're foreign, Chicken Inn for Zimbabweans is the Mother of fast food outlets. It aims to grill with the big global names like McDonald's & KFC. At some point back in time, dates, family-time and going out with friends could only be at Chicken Inn for the moment to count.  

There’s ample light to make the red and yellow brand colors pop which makes for fantastic aesthetic especially in pictures. Seating doesn’t have a lot of choices but you can always grab two chairs and get a little bit of privacy in the morning or evening.  This is a popular food outlet so chances of finding it empty are almost non-existent. Pick it for a quick bite and less banter for the ultimate experience. A quick tip is to order for sitting if your order includes fries because you’ll get more that way. 

If you’re in a rush and driving then opt for the Drive-Thru instead. It’s quite modernized and you’ll find a happy face waiting to take your order. You’ll rarely find it looking as empty as in the image above but hell, it’s good to wish! This one right here is from the Village Walk in Borrowdale. Retail prices are the same nationwide despite the difference in location statuses which I appreciate!

 Famous for its fried chicken, the chicken strips with sweet chili sauce is a definite must-try. The bites are honestly fantastic but not enough for my never-ending chicken cravings. This won’t stop me but I’ll add a chicken wrap or wings to appease the craving gods!

Considering that they are a fast-food outlet, expect customer service adequate for a staff that deals with a hundred million customers every hour. Even you can’t smile that much but most do and of course, like most places, the restroom is reserved for patrons. Carry your order receipt with you to show to the guard at the door of the restroom. Do carry your own toilet paper too because sometimes they don’t notice when it has run out due to the excessive traffic. Overall, Chicken Inn has a wide variety to offer in food along with burgers and slushy beverages which will no doubt give you a brain freeze! It couldn’t be a fast food outlet if soft drinks weren’t available,of course.

Another fun fact is that you’ll find them in a food truck at big social events, which is a massive plus for us the frugal because you can easily budget for it beforehand. Do keep up with their social media because they have serious customer appreciation posts which can win you free meal vouchers for little easy competitions.  This is my plate from last week Thursday. I had my meal at Greencroft Chicken Inn with a friend. How much? $2.50 for this whole plate!

Here are a few pictures of my plate at Chicken Inn Greencroft on different days!

By the way, if you’re going there to eat with your little ones they have a Kiddie Meal which I hope to get my hands on someday! The Chicken Inn outlets that are a bit out of the central business district have a gaming place for kids so that you can focus on placing your order. If your little darling is a fussy eater they can have fun here whilst you catch up on some adult conversation.

Doesn’t it look adorable???

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